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Intermediate Algebra Syllabus

Course : MATH 083 : Intermediate Algebra - The topics include factoring, functions and relations,
functional notation, operations of functions, linear and quadratic functions, solutions of quadratic and
radical equations, complex numbers, rational expressions and equations, exponential and logarithmic
functions, and conic sections. There are Lecture and lab components in this class.

Note : A calculator is required for this course. Knowledge of basic key functions is needed in order to be
successful in this course. Headphones are required if you work in the D102 lab or any lab on campus.

Text : Intermediate Algebra, Charles McKeague 8th Edition

Instructor : Debra Loeffler

Phone : 410-455-4255

Days ,Time , & Room : TR 11:10-12:30 (G200), 5:45-7:05 (E208)

Office Hours : TR 10:30-11:00 E204F, TR 5:15-5:45 E208

Grading Procedures :

Chapter Tests: 20%
1st Quarter Test: 10%
Midterm: 25%
3rd Quarter Test: 10%
Final Exam: 25%

B=80-89 %
C=70-79 %
F=Below 70%

Quizzes & chapter tests will be completed in the online system WebCT. Your ID and password will be given
to you on the first day of class. If you have been in a WebCT course before, then your ID and password
are the same for this course. Quizzes and chapter tests are only given during a certain time period so
make sure that you check the Calendar often so that you do not miss them. NOTE: There are practice
quizzes in each objective, but do not count in your grade. They are only for practice!

You will only be able to take the tests once, but quizzes twice (average of the two). There are no make-up
quizzes, but during makeup week (See Calendar in WebCT), you will be able to take any chapter test
again. The highest grade will be saved. Once you start a quiz/test, if you logout, you have used your one
chance. Make sure that after answering the question, you hit the “save answer” button, or your answer
will be lost, and then “submit” when you have completed the Quiz/Test or the Quiz/Test will be lost.

Quizzes and chapter tests are done online using WebCT at home or in a lab. The 1st & 3rd quarter tests,
midterm and final will be paper/pencil tests in class (There are no make-ups for these).

If you do not have a computer at home or Internet service, then the Computer Lab in D102 or the library
are available during the week. See their schedules for times they are open.

If you are not comfortable with a computer, then this is not the class for you to take and should transfer
to a regular class ASAP.

Major Topics
I. Functions and Relations
A. Introduce function notation
B. Identify the domain and range of a function
C. Perform operations on functions
II. Quadratic Functions
A. Graph quadratic functions, identifying domain and range and using function notation
B. Solve quadratic equations using the square root method, factoring, completing the square and the quadratic formula
C. Perform operations on complex numbers
D. Solve quadratic equations (including equations with complex number roots)
E. Use optimization and simulation methods
F. Solve radical equations
III. Polynomial, Radical, and Rational Functions and Equations
A. Perform operations on polynomial expressions and factor
B. Graph power and polynomial functions, identifying domain and range and using function notation
C. Simplify radicals and expressions with rational exponents
D. Perform operations on rational expressions
E. Solve rational equations
IV. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Equations
A. Graph exponential functions, identifying domain and range and using function notation
B. Graph logarithmic functions, identifying domain and range and using function notation
C. Evaluate exponential and logarithmic functions
V. Conic Sections
A. Graphs parabolas and circles
B. Write equation of parabolas and circles

Optional Topics

Individual faculty members may include additional course objectives, major topics, and other course
requirements to the minimum expectations stated in the Common Course Outline.

Topics may include: simplifying complex fractions, graphing functions (absolute value, cube, square root),
finding the composition of two functions.

Topics, Sections, & Problems: McKeague Book

Topics   Sections Problems Week
Factoring 5.4a To factor out the Greatest Common Factor 1-20 2.0


To factor a trinomial of the form x2 + bx + c 1-22  
  To factor ax2 + bx + c 29-52  


To factor the difference of two squares 29-46  
  To factor the sum or difference of two cubes 79-98  
  5.7a To factor a variety of polynomials 1-4, 6, 8-11, 13-
17, 19-24
  5.8a To solve an equation by factoring 1-8, 15-16, 19-
Functions 3.5b


Identify the domain and range of functions 1-10, 21-24 1.5
  Determine if a relation is a function 11-20  
  3.6a Evaluate functions using functional notation 1-26, 33-40  


To perform operations on functions 1-30  
  To find the composition of two functions 31-36  
    1st Quarter Test #1-10% Chapters 5 & 3    
Rationals 6.1a


Reducing rational expressions to lowest terms 1, 2, 5-32 2.5
  Find function values for rational expressions 3, 4, 57-64  
  6.3a To multiply and divide rational expressions 1-36, 61-64  


To add or subtract expressions with a common
  To add or subtract rational expressions 25-64  
  6.5a To simplify a complex fraction 7-22, 27-34, 43-
  6.6a To solve a fractional equation 1-16  
**********   MIDTERM --- 25% of course grade ********** 0.5
Radicals 7.1b To simplify expressions with rational exponents 33-56 2.0
  7.3a To simplify radical expressions 1-34  
  7.4a To add or subtract radical expressions 1-26  


To multiply radical expressions 1-30  
  To divide radical expressions 49-86  
  7.6a To solve a radical equation 1-18  
Complex 7.7a





Simplify complex numbers 1-8 1.0
Numbers Simplify powers of i 9-14  
  To add or subtract a complex number 25-40  
  To multiply complex numbers 41-66  
  To divide complex numbers 67-78  
    3rd Quarter Test – 10% Chapter 7    
Quadratic 8.1a To solve a quadratic equation by taking square roots 1-16 2.0
Equations 8.1b To solve a quadratic equation by completing the
17-26, 31-44  
  8.2a To solve a quadratic equation by using the quadratic
1-14, 17-18, 23-
  8.5a Graph parabolas 1-28  
Circles 10.1c


To find the equation of a circle and then graph the
13-30 1.0
  To write the equation of a circle in standard form 31-36  
Exponential 9.1a


To evaluate an exponential function 1-8 1.0
and To graph an exponential function 9-16  
Logarithmic 9.3a Convert between logarithmic and exponential forms 1-24  
Functions 9.3c To graph a logarithmic function 37-44  
**********   FINAL EXAM --- 25% of course grade   *****