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Syllabus for Mathematics

Assgn Pg Problems** Type of Problem
      Book Assignments are highlighted in green.
      WS#7, problems 22 - 25; WS#8-#14 are covered.
      Book Sections that were replaced by a worksheet are highlighted in yellow

with the WS# sighted. Problems in the book may be used for extra practice.
BG1.1 10 33-42; 51-74 BACKGROUND:* Arithmetic: Order of Operations using Integers
BG1.2 20 1-90 BACKGROUND:* Arithmetic: Order of Operations using Fractions
BG1.3 29 15-54 BACKGROUND:*Arithmetic: Order of Operations using Whole Number Exponents
BG1.4A 37 1-57 BACKGROUND:* Simplifying & Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
BG1.4B 38 64-99 BACKGROUND:* Translating English Phrases into Algebraic Expressions
Ch.1R 41 11-60 BACKGROUND REQUISITES -- Review of Chapter 1
T1 38 64-99 Translating English Phrases into Algebraic Expressions
T1R 42 43-60 More Translating English Phrases into Algebraic Expressions
2.1A 51 1-50 Solving: First Degree Integer Equations (WS#1 & # ___)
2.1B 52 51-56 (ALL) Word Problems: "Simple Number Type"
2.1C 52 57-66 (ALL) Word Problems: "Number Type"
2.2A 59 1-40 Solving: First Degree Fraction Equations (WS#1 & # ___)
2.2B 60 41,42,45 Word Problems: "Simple Number Type" with Fractions
2.2C 60 48-54 (ALL) Word Problems: "Number Type" with Fractions
2.2D 60 43,44,47,55-58 (ALL) Word Problems: Geometry with Fractions
2.3A 67 1-28 Solving: First Degree Decimal Equations(WS#1 & # ___)
2.3B 68 29-50 (ALL) Word Problems: Percents & Decimals
2.4A 77 1-14 (ALL) Formulas: "Substitution"
2.4B 78 17-23; 25-30; 33-44 Solving: For the Indicated Variable (WS#1 & # ___)
2.4C 78 24, 31, 32, 45, 46 Solving: For the Indicated Variable with Factoring
2.4D 78 47, 48 (ALL) Word Problems: Geometry
2.4E 79 49-52 (ALL) Word Problems: Interest
2.4F 79 58-62 (ALL) Word Problems: Mixture
2.5A 86 1-16 Notation: Inequalities (Also see WS#12)
2.5B 86 17-70 Solving: Linear Inequalities in One Variable
2.6 94 19-56 Solving: Compound Inequalities
2.7 101 1-64 Solving: Equations & Inequalities with Absolute Value
Ch.2R 104 25-32; 35, 36, 45, 47-48; 51 ***Review of Chapter 2 for MT#2
3.1 114 47-70 Simplifying: Sums & Differences of Polynomials (WS#_____)
3.2 120 1-93 Simplifying: Products, Quotients, & Powers of Monomials (Exponent Rules)
3.3A 127 1-24; 29-52 Multiplying Polynomials: Simple Distributive Property & FOIL (WS#_____)
3.3B 127 25-28; 53-74 Multiplying Polynomials -- General (WS#_____)
3.4A 135 21-46 Factoring: Greatest Common Factor (WS#10, 11, 13)
3.4B 135 47-64 Factoring: by Grouping (Also WS#13)
3.4C 136 65-86 Solving: Using Factoring to Solve Equations
3.5A 142 1-44 Factoring: Difference of Squares (WS#10, 11, 13)
3.5B 142 45-56 Factoring: Sum or Difference of Cubes (Also WS#13)
3.5C 142 57-70 Solving: Using More Factoring Patterns to Solve Equations
3.6A 150 1-56 FOIL Factoring: Trinomials (WS#10, 11, 13)
3.6B 150 57-94 Factoring: ALL Methods Combined (WS#13)
3.7A 156 1-54 Solving: Using All Factoring Patterns to Solve Equations
3.7B 156 55-70 (ALL) Word Problems: Quadratic
Ch3R 161 24-45 ***Review of Chapter 3 for MT#2
4.1A 170 1-50 Simplifying: Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions) (WS#14)
4.1B 171 59-68 Simplifying: Rational Expressions using: a-b = -(b-a) (WS#14)
4.2 176 1-50 Simplifying: Multiplication & Division of Rational Expressions (WS#14)
4.3 184 1-68 Simplifying: Addition & Subtraction of Rational Expressions (WS#_____)
4.4 193 1-64 MORE Simplifying: Addition & Subtraction of Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions)
4.5 200 1-64 Dividing Polynomials & Synthetic Division
Ch4R 222 1-6; 11-14 ***Review of Chapter 4 - for MT#2
5.1A 231 1-42 Arithmetic: Using Integers as Exponents with Numbers (WS#_____)
5.1B 231 43-74 Simplifying: With Integer Exponents in Algebraic Expressions
5.1C 232 75-84 Simplifying: With Integer Exponents in Algebraic Expressions with Two Terms
5.2A 242 1-20 Arithmetic: Evaluating "Simple" Roots & Radicals (WS#8)
5.2B 242 21-44 Simplifying: Radicals -- Numbers Only (WS#_____)
5.2C 243 45-74 Simplifying: Radicals -- Rationalizing the Denominator
5.3 248 1-74 Simplifying: Sums of Radicals & Radicals Containing Variables (WS#_____)
5.4 254 1-76 Products & Quotients with Radicals
5.7 271 1-32 Scientific Notation
Ch5R 275 Only #26 applies ***Review of Chapter 5 for MT#2
7.1 346 1-33 Graphing Straight Lines using x- & y-intercepts (See WS#9) Put into Slope-intercept form;
Use and Identify Slope and Intercepts.
7.2A 356 26-39 Graphing More Lines
7.2B 356 40-59 Graphing Other Equations
7.3 361 1-24 Linear Inequalities in 2 Variables (Shade Graphs)
7.4 371 1-12, 17-48 Distance & Slope Between Two Points; Use slope to find points on line & graph
7.5A 383 19-26; 31-34 Writing Equations of Lines given Slope & y-intercept; Vertical & Horizontal Lines
7.5B 384 43-66 Putting Linear Equations into Slope-Intercept Form; Graphing Straight Lines using Slope
7.5C 383 1-18; 27-30; 35-42 Write the Equation of a Line - General
Ch.7R 388 1-6; 8-31; 36-41 ***Review of Chapter 7
11.1 598 1-60 Solving: Systems of Equations (2 Equations with 2 Variables)
    **Odds, unless need extra *If ANY trouble is encountered with any of Ch1R, refer to these for extra practice.
      ***Chapter Reviews not assigned. SOME practice problems for Tests, not complete.
      BACKGROUND REQUISITES -- Review of Chapter 1
      Book problems replaced by Worksheets. May use book for more practice.
      Chapter Reviews not guaranteed to be a complete review.